The Collage Garden

Welcome to the Concrete Jungle!
Collage artists from all over the world work together to transform concrete walls spread over the world into beautiful paper gardens. More to grow.

- Out of the Box, Sevilla, Spain and Trondheim, Norway
Hosts @miss.printed @laotrarous
- Sevilla, Spain. Host @Laotrarous

- Collage Graden mini edition. The Isolated Collage Garden
Novosibirsk, Russia. Host @kollazh_v_gorodke
Antioquia, Colombia. Host @mar.gnzb
Brazil, @acas_tro
Otrava Czech Republic. Host @mariaaksinina
Sligo, Ireland. Host @beleafmoon
Belarus. Host @al_eks5436
Madrid, Spain. Host @zampy_collage
Barcelona, Spain. Host @mp_collages
Rochester, USA. Host @celia_crane
Saltspring, Canada. Host @rosieschinners
Barcelona, Spain. Host @lalaurajabbour
Reutov, Russia. Host @look_inside_u
Samara, Russia. Host @vasin_kollage
Denver, USA. Host @radiusstudios
Tahiti, French Polynesia Indonesia. Host @thedaacha
Russia. Host @nastiastrezh
Samara, Russia. Host @irena.se_se
Russia. Host @theonlycolourIknow
Siberia, Russia. Host @ksyushaaart
Sevilla, Spain. Host @laotrarous
Russia. Host @_bh_collage
Germany. Host @olyanixdorf
Moscow, Russia. Host @svivonik
Caltagirone, Italy. Host @demetriogrado
Saratov, Russia. Host @s_saffo
Moscow, Russia. Host @ludvig_lis
Barcelone Spain. Host @mirelloartz
Bilbao, Spain. Host @sxa_collages
Khanty-Marisiysk. Host @more_collage
Madrid, Spain . Host @collagerepublic
Voorburg, Nederland. Host @atelierjuliettepestel
Norway. Host @miss.printed
Paris, France. Host @miinaazzz
Betanzos, Spain. Host @sdraswi
France. Host @from_delphine
Sebastopol, Russia. Host @tata_bormatova
Russia. Host @olga.rumm
San Petersburgo, Russia. . Host @frida__rider
Columbia, USA. Host @yogafrogger_collages
Jakarta, Indonesia. Host @vantiani

- Cartagena, Colombia. Host @byfebruar
- Dundee, Scotland, Host mhairi_cormack_art
- Denver, Colorado, USA, Host @radiusstudios
- Patan, kathmandu, Nepal, Host @Microgalleries

– Nepal, Kathmandu, Host @microgalleries
– Russia, Moscow. Host @svivonik
– USA, New York City. Host: @mixdmediamashup

– Norway, south for Trondheim. Host: @miss.printed
– The Netherlands, Leidschendam/Voorburg. Host: @atelierjuliettepestel

More information :
instagram : @the_collage_garden
youtube :
russiancollage : the-collage-garden