The Scandinavian Collage Museum

Have you ever entered an empty building? There is that scent of magic. It can be whatever you make it. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

Roadside Scandinavian Collage Museum, Small is Beautiful.

Three kilometers south of the village of Berkåk, Norway, population 930, on European route E6, between the bend in the road and the bridge over the creek, you will find the Scandinavian Collage Museum.

With the help of volunteers, Miss.Printed renovated a small, old shed and in August 2016 declared the museum open. Since then it is has had thousands of visitors and shown artists from Europe, Australia and the United States, including notable collage artists such as RF Cote from Canada, Riika Fransiilla from Finland,  Michael Tunk and Winston Smith from the USA.

With extraordinary exhibitions and the world's finest collection of contemporary collage art, SCM is dedicated to the conversation between the past and the present, the established and the experimental. Our mission is to encourage a deeper understanding and enjoyment of the collage art of our time

To learn more about the Scandinavian Collage Museum, visit the instagram page @scandinavian_collage_museum . The museum hosts 3-4 exhibitions per year and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.