The Pink Slug


The most colourful relocation project in the world.

The Kaputar Pink Slug has the dubious honour of being one of the 10 species most endangered by climate change. One of the most colourful creatures on this planet, it lives on Mt. Kaputar in Australia. It is Big, Beautiful and Pink. Since the beginning of 2016, Miss.Printed have been making small, clay Pink Slugs.  People interested in joining the project can make their own clay slugs or get them from Miss.Printed. The clay Pink Slugs are then relocated in their new neighbourhood and photographed. The last few years has seen them documented in countries as distant as Azerbaijan, Finland, Egypt, Estonia, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Germany, USA, Czech Republic, Australia, Bahamas, Colombia, Hawaii, Sicilia and Belgium.

More information: @the_pink_slug