The CollageClub

The collageclub is a group of +- 50 contemporary collage artists who dismantle the same book and reconstruct it into art, one page a week . Every week a new page is chosen. Every member makes a collage with it using analoge collage techniques. The very diverse results are posted on instagram.
They started januar 2016 with ansel adams photography. From july 2017 it was the photography of J.Carriers book Elementary Calculus which was torn in pieces and transformed into collage art. Februar 2018 they started with Vivian Maier Street Photographer. After that we worked with the colourful work of the book Detroit Nocturne by Dave Jordano to swift to the black and white photography by David Soffa in 2020. In 2021 we worked with the book Twilight by the well known photographer Gregory Crewdson. At this moment we are working with a collection of found photography by Lydia Fairy.

Interested? Please look at Instagram @thecollageclub