Miss.Printed is a Norwegian based artist who is filling the gap between Collage, Photography and Streetart. She is born in the Netherlands on a car-free sunday 1973. In the Netherlands she worked many years at Knust, part of ArtHouse Extrapool. Here she worked at many different artprojects, mostly with mimeographing print (riso-print).

Summer 2007 she emigrated to Norway where she lives in a rural area. Her passion is “Locative Collage”. She makes small paper collages and photograph them in an outdoor setting that reinforces the story she wants to tell. She photographs her collages on location under adverse conditions. She loves to combine paper elements and its predators: water,fire, snow, wind and sky She does not use any form of digital editing. In an urban environment she leaves her papercuts behind. Leaving bits of sanity for others to reflect upon.

She believes in the accumulation of small gestures. The more we can engage people with our ideas, the more we can empower people to think, feel, dream, the better the world will be. She has been working with Locative Collage and collage since 2014. She have had several exhibitions in Norway, Uk and USA. August 2016, she opened a museum The Scandinavian Collage Museum. She is the founder of The
Collageclub, an international group of collage artists that uses the same image to make a collage with. She is also the founder of the Collage Garden, a
project which grows paper gardens around the world.

Often she gets messages of people who are inspired by her work and take their papercuts outside to photograph. This makes her sing out loud in her little red house on a mountain in Norway




My Studio


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Exhibitions & Festivals

2022 Cut paste & Destroy magazine, San Fransisco, USA
2021 Trouble Magazine 3, France
2021 Collage Care, Laurie Kanyer USA
2021 Buiten de Orde NL
2021 Fedrelandsvennen Avis, kultur, 12 juni. Norway
2021 Opdalingen, portrett
2021 Collage Id, Indonesian Collage Magazine, Indonesia
2021 The postraumatic, Number one.
2021 The Jealous Curator, art for your ear
2022 – Fourth Wall Folkestone, Uk
2022 – museum of Miniature Collage, USA
2022 – Paste Table Gallery London UK
2021 - Postales des Limbo, Spain
2021 - Blind Insect, Portland, USA
2021 - Nuart Aberdeen, Stuck it up. Scotland
2021 - Cut and Glue Festival, Gallery Na Peschanaya, Moscow Russia
2021 - Small Wonders, Well Hung Gallery, London UK
2021 - Kunsten å leve, Festival, Kristiansand
2021 - Girls girls girls, Bergensgalleriet Bergen
2021 - Februllage, The Scandinavian Collage Museum and Edinburgh Collage Collective
2020 – Discovering Poetry in Desolate places, online exhibition, Sharphands Gallery USA.
2020 – Cheap Festival, Italy
2020 – GluePorn, Sicilia, Italy
2020 – Collage Exchange project , online exhibition , Mycollagelab, USA
2020 – Anti-Krig fest, Bergen. Norway
2020 – disCONNECT, Wall of Fame, London, UK, Schoeniprojects and hkwalls
2020 -World Collage Atlas in Ruimte in Beweging, Schiedam, NL
2020 – Art Cards for Health Carers, Online exhibition, Microgalleries
2019 – Good things come in small packages, Waluso Gallery London
2019 - Postales desde el Limbo, Zaragoza, Spain
2019 - Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke Belgium
2019 - Social Surfaces, Festival, Manchester, UK
2019 – Copyright Bandits, Collapse Gallery, Washington, USA
2019 – The Butterfly Effect, Semi Skimmed Gallery, London
2019 – Werringart vs Miss.printed, oppdal kulturhus, Norway
2019 - Art the Arms Fair London UK
2019 - Saatchi Gallery London, Cash is King 2 UK
2019 – Random Acts of Kindness, Semiskimmed Gallery London UK
2019 – It's the little things, Hang Up Gallery , London, UK
2019 – CollageNow, Denise Bibro Fineart Gallery, New York, USA
2018 – Black, The Crypt Gallery, London, Uk
2018 – Xmas-Related Pun, SemiSkimmed Gallery, London, UK
2018 – Collage Garden, Kathmandu, Nepal
2018 – Aesthetic Prothetics, Bergen, Norway
2018 – Defaced Banknotes, The Frichez nous la Paix Gallery, Paris, France
2018 - Nuart Festival 2018, streets of stavanger, Norway
2018 - Space is the Place, NUART festival, Skur 2, Stavanger, Norway
2018 - Cash is King, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
2018 – 50/50, Crows nest Gallery, London Uk
2018 – Vinylism, Edinburg central Library, Scotland UK
2018 – klokka tretten, Ramp, Trondheim, Norway
2018 – Thumbnail, Nolius Gallry, London, UK
2018 – Little Darlings, Galleri Purenkel, Oslo Norway
2018 – Unnatural Symmetry, Yards collective, Rochester Collage Society, Rochester USA
2018 – Post–it Past–it , Gore Streetcafe Ontario Canada
2018 – Plaatsen die verhalen worden. Kunstmagazijn Nijmegen NL
2017 – Code Base, Stirling, Scotland UK
2017 – GlUE, Edinburg, Scotland UK
2017 – Edinburg art Festival with Artobotic. Scotland UK
2017 – Totally Pasted, Canada
2017 – Soil , Trondheim, Norway
2017 – Purenkel Galleri , Oslo Norway
2016 – Purenkel Galleri , Oslo Norway
2016 – Scandinavian Collage Museum, Rennebu Norway
2016 – Paper Cuts 2, Alameda USA
2016 – CuttingClass 2, Oakland CA USA
2015 – Frivilligsentralen , Berkåk Norway
2015 - San Fransisco Collage Museum , San Fransisco USA
2015 - Grants Tomb , San Fransisco USA

2020 Unfamilar Vegetables, Variations in Collage
2020 Kolaj Magazine #30
2020 Opp newspaper
2020 Artist colouring book Microgalleries
2019 Collage for Climate Zine
2019 Afgrijs Knust
2019 Inktvingers book
2019 Cash is King 2 book
2018 Oltre Collage Magazine, #2 2018, future landscapes
2018 Cash is King book
2018 Feature Shoot Printswap
2018 Kunstkalender 2018 Nijmegen
2017 IG Witzelsucht, Sometimes Puns are a sign of a damaged brain. 2017
2017 Urban Nasty, august 2017
2017 Kolaj Magazine #19 2017
2016 BN/De Stem newspaper article 2016
2015 CollageCollectiveco Annual 2015
20__Halfwit nr.4
20__Button Up my tie
20__Mines are mean


2022 2 works included in the Money for Nothing project, france
2022 17 works aquired by Jøers Klepp. Norway
2019 Works aquired by the Doug and Laurie Kanyer Art Collection, USA
2019 Winner Collage Competition, The National Galleries of Scotland, Scotland

We're in this together, 150 outdoor installation works Trondheim, Norway
with Ståle Gerhardsen and AFK.
Nottinghill, Collagecardswap
New York Collage Essemble, online tour and talk
Black Country Collage Club, online workshop.
The Collage Garden , Jakarta Indonesia.
Add & Pass , mailart project Vienna Papiergedanken
Circulaire 132 #282, International mailart project
Out of the Box, Cardboard Collage Challenge, Trondheim and Sevilla
Stamps and Collage with Jolanda Wijdeven
Streetart with Ståle Gerhardsen, oppdal
Moria brenner, Trygve Skaug and Ståle Gerhardsen
Collage Garden sevilla, Spain and different places all over the world
Februllage Extended. The Scandinavian Collage Museum and Edinburgh Collage Collective

Collage for Climate, Edingburgh Collage Collective and Microgalleries
Subvertising 17mai Norway
Collage Garden, Denver USA, Dundee Scotland, Cartagena Colombia
Februllage with the Edinburgh Collage Collective

Fivers for Fantastic, London, UK
EnerKonings, for Nuart 2018 , collage garden Kathmandu, Nepal

Carolyn Gair , Stopmotion and Locative Collage , Los Angeles USA
BiancoShock and Elfo, Le groupe de Mur de St Ettienne FR
Gategaver, Free Art in the streets of Norway
Artobotic, Edinburg, Scotland

Carolyn Gair , Stopmotion and Locative Collage , Los Angeles USA
Amanda Banham Ceramics, Ceramic and Collage , Great Brittain
Cecilie Skak Lassen, Collage and Locative collage, Danmark
Spinnerweb and Trashriot, Collage and Locative Collage, USA

Ongoing Projects
Founder of The Collageclub 2015-dd. An international group of collage artists who make one collage every week based on the same page.
Founder of Februllage, artists all over the world take on the februllage collage challenge by making one collage a day the entire month based on the offficial prompt list. Collaboration with the Edinburgh Collage Collective.
Founder of The Scandinavian Collage Museum. A museum focusing on contemporary collage-art. With exhibitions of e.g. Winston Smith, E.K.Wimmer, Michael Tunk, and many more. Openend 08-2016.
Founder of The Collage Garden, an international project. Collage artists around the world who grow a garden together. First one appeared august 2017 in Norway.

Past Projects
The pink slug 2016-2020 Small clay pink slugs travel around the world and are photographed on diverse locations by different artists. The kaputar pink slug has the dubious honour of being in the top ten list of most threathened animals by climate change.

Extrapool, art space for experimental music, performance art, screenings, small press publications and exhibitions. Nijmegen NL
Knust, graphic workshop for stencilprinting Riso and Ricoh , Nijmegen NL
Studied Politics at the Katholic University of Nijmegen